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Sommerlad Heritage Breed Whole Chicken - 2.3-2.6kg

If you are seeking a truly differentiated table bird, reminiscent of the quality of 'Poulet de Bresse' of France, Sommerlad chicken is the perfect choice.  

Carefully selected Australian heritage poultry strains such as the Plymouth Rock, Light Sussex, and Aussie Game, distinguish the Sommerlad chicken from all others.

Raised ethically and sustainably in Western NSW, these chickens live well, forage, follow natural instincts, grow at a slow, natural pace, and are filled with nutrition and flavour that can only come from healthy, nurtured farmland.

This is a remarkably special bird worthy of centre stage at your festive feast.

Low and slow roasting perfectly complements Sommerlad chickens and will deliver outstanding texture and flavour.

Feeds 5 - 6 people