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Queensland Tiger Prawns Peeled - 500g

These amazing fresh-farmed Black Tiger Prawns are grown naturally in saltwater-filled earthen ponds and are at their peak in flavour, shape, and condition throughout December. Flown in frequently by our friends at Martin Seafood, you will be guaranteed the freshest prawns delivered to your door - hassle-free.

These Black Tiger Prawns are graded, washed, peeled (tail remains intact), and cooked for your convenience. They have firm textured flesh and an extremely distinct sweet flavour.

These peeled Queensland Tiger Prawns have been beautifully prepared by Martin's Seafood. Established in 1978, Martin's has been supplying premium and ethically sourced seafood to Australia's most respected restaurants. 

Your product will be MAP packed to ensure optimal condition on delivery. 

For the best dining experience, we recommend consuming the prawns within 2 days of delivery. If you plan to enjoy them beyond this period, you can safely freeze the prawns until you're ready to savour them.