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Beef Tenderloin (Roast Ready) O'Connor Superior Angus - 1.9-2.0kg

A seriously special centerpiece - this juicy, fork-tender filet roast has been completely trimmed to remove all excess fat and hand-tied for a flawless cooking and eating experience.

For three generations, the O'Connor family has proudly produced the highest quality Hereford and Angus beef from the picturesque region of Gippsland in Victoria.

Widely regarded within the industry and the broader culinary community as one of the finest examples of Angus beef in the country, O'Connor Beef is celebrated for its unparalleled consistency and quality.

The O'Connor family personally selects the ideal Angus cattle to be part of their esteemed ration-fed program, resulting in truly exceptional beef.

Roast the tenderloin whole, or simply portion the fillet to make filet mignon.

Feeds 8 - 12 people

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